Sarah Flint Sample Sale Review

I went to the Sarah Flint Sample Sale today on my post-call day! :) It actually started yesterday, Wednesday, October 4th, but since I was on-call, I couldn't go. Today was the 2nd (and last) day, October 5th, at 37 W 20th St, NY, NY 10011. It was open from 10AM to 6PM on both days with up to 85% off all shoes (I believe the styles are mainly from past seasons)! Most shoes (sandals, flats, boots, heels) were brand new but some were gently worn. 

Sarah Flint Sample Sale

I honestly didn't know what to expect. And frankly, I had never heard of Sarah Flint before, but I did do a little bit of research before, and the shoes seemed very practical and somewhat conservative with a unique flair - all perfect for work!

The Place

All the sample sales I have been to were run very differently. This seemed to be in the actual building where the Sarah Flint "store" is. While I was there, I heard some of the people working there talking to customers over the phone, placing online orders for them, so I figured it had to be their store and not just a place set aside for sample sales like some other brands have.

It is a rather small place where you walk in and there's a receptionist on the left side and some gently worn shoes on the right side or shoes with defects (some markings, scuffs, etc.) that were $25 a pair. There were a few designs with many sizes left as you walked further into the room on the right, but the real sample sale was in a separate room straight to the back. All the shoe racks were arranged by size and to my surprise, there were still many super cute designs left in my size (36.5/37), especially flats that were great for work!

I actually spend quite a bit of time trying on all the flats/heels/boots/sandals that caught my eye. I probably ended up trying on every style...There were just so many amazing styles to choose from! I basically died and went to heaven.


For me, I'm a size 6.5/36.5 usually (my right foot is slightly bigger than my left foot, which is a true size 6.5), so sometimes I can wear size 7/37. The conversion from US sizes to European sizes is a little confusing because some say 6.5 is a 36.5 but others say 6.5 is a 37. Since I tried on basically every style that was there, I will say that for Sarah Flint shoes, I am more of a 37 than a true 36.5. The 36.5s were a little more snug. I could probably wear them, but they wouldn't be too comfortable. Some styles were way too tight (I also have wide feet but I wear regular width shoes) and a few were too loose, so you really have to take your time to try them on!


Since I went on the 2nd day, prices were reduced. There were signs for BOGO 1/2 off and Buy 2 Get 2 Free, which is what I ended up doing.

  • Flats $50
  • Heels $75
  • Exotic heels $100
  • Boots $125? (I honestly don't remember, because there weren't too many)

What I got!

I spent a total of $125 for 4 pairs of shoes!! These shoes usually retail anywhere from $495-695, so I'm more than ecstatic!

Each pair of shoes came with a dust bag :)


Grey Celia Mid-Heel:

  • I'm not a huge fan of heels, because they get uncomfortable especially during inpatient rotations when I have to walk all over the hospital (especially since I'm on Consults right now), but these aren't super high
  • Very comfortable to walk in!
  • Cloth material throughout with suede material in the center

Brocade Andrea Flats:

  • I had seen pictures of this style online, but I didn't know how I felt about it. It's certainly unique looking. But the moment I tried them on, I was in love! They are so comfy and I know I will definitely be wearing these to work often!
  • The top part feels like there's wire or something that keeps the shape of the fold but you can also unfold it if you want to wear it more like loafers, but I think the fold adds a nice touch

Red Bennett Flats:

  • Super comfortable and practical flats that are great for work
  • They had navy and blue colors too but I just loved the maroon/red color!
  • Only very small heel though

Snapdragon Sandals (Black):

  • These fit like a dream! Super comfy and I love the origami-inspired rose design.
  • Strap wraps around the ankle and fits comfortably without rubbing
  • I overheard one of the ladies that worked there say she was surprised these were even part of the sample sale, because they are $695 online (I checked when I got back, and they are actually still up on the website, so I lucked out!) - she said it was definitely a lucky find!

My Experience

This was a sample sale that I actually really enjoyed. There weren't too many people around (some people came in and out but it wasn't unbearably crowded for how small the space was). I went around 10:30AM. My tip, though, if you do plan on going to the next one is to definitely try to make it on the last day, because they do reduce prices and buy 2 get 2 free is an amazing deal! And if it's anything like today, you will still have many styles to choose from (but I can't speak for other sizes).

When's the next one?

I asked how often they have sample sales, and they actually said bi-annually. If you join the e-mail list, you will be notified, so you won't miss out!