Intern/PGY1 24-hour On-Call Must Haves

What do I bring for my 24-hour calls?

- Jacket in case it gets cold at night

- Stethoscope (of course)

- A LOT of pens and penlight

- ID badge (so you don't get locked out of certain areas of the hospital)

- Work to do or a book you may want to read (if it just so happens to be a good night)

- I used to bring the purple Pocket Medicine book (and our program received an Intern Survival Guide in the beginning of the year)

- DITCH the white coat - it's cumbersome and annoying

- Bag full of SNACKS

- Lunch bag with LOTS of meals (lean protein-rich) so you don't get hangry

- Laptop & charger

- Cell phone & charger

- A SUPER soft and comfy blanket to make you feel more at home for when you can sleep for a bit

It's important to meal prep prior to a call in order to avoid binging on sugary snacks (cakes, cookies, etc.) or anything you come across when you're stressed during the call...I've been there, I've done it...and it's not fun. There are NO excuses for straying off of your nutrition plan even if you're stressed and sleep-deprived! You have to take care of your body!