FIGS Scrub Review

FIGS Scrub Top & Pants Review

This is my first official scrub review on my blog. Hopefully this will be helpful to you, because I know we as healthcare providers have worn one too many terrible, ill-fitting scrubs in our careers (sad, but true?)

So I want to preface by saying, the only scrubs I had worn prior to these were cheap bulk order ones that my medical school had with very rough cloth material that ended up shrinking after a few washes (unless I had a growth spurt during med school which I doubt) and hospital-issued scrubs, which are the worst! At least at the hospitals where I worked during intern year, we had paper thin scrubs that were very ill-fitting. They had zero stretch and were super thin, so you had to wear leggings underneath the bottoms during the winter or you'd freeze to death (okay, maybe I'm exaggerating but you would be freezing on the walk from your car to the hospital and oftentimes in the hospital, because I'm a wimp and I get cold easily).

Around February last year, one of my colleagues (I honestly forget who...) told me about FIGS in passing, and I had never heard about it before. I looked on the website but after seeing those prices, I was like "HA. NO." But being the savvy shopper that I am (or maybe just the fact that I'm Asian and refuse to pay full-price on anything), I found a 20% off coupon and used it immediately! 

I ended up ordering:

  1. Women's dakar basic scrub pants - xs - regular - charcoal $30.00
  2. Women's torbeck cargo scrub pants - xs - regular - navy $35.00
  3. Women's isabela two-pocket scrub top - xs - teal $30.00

With the discount (and some sales on certain items that were going on at the time), the $95.00 total came down to only $47.50. SCORE!

I wasn't entirely sure about the fit, but after reading reviews about it being stretchy (and since, I had lost all my med school stress weight at that point through my accountability groups), I went with the XS (sizes 0-2) instead of the S (sizes 4-6) according to the size chart.

How do they fit?!

These are hands down THE most comfortable scrubs I have ever worn. They are well worth the money! 


24-Hour On Call Day

Top: Women's isabela two-pocket scrub top - XS - teal

Women's dakar basic scrub pants - XS - regular - charcoal


  • The material is soft, breathable, stretchy!
  • Actually makes me not only look but feel great instead of making me look like a frumpy sack of potatoes with paper thin hospital scrubs that have no shape or give.
  • The pants literally feel like I'm wearing yoga pants which is always a win in my book (because yoga pants are pants, contrary to popular belief).

Top: Women's isabela two-pocket scrub top - XS - teal

  • Super comfy and soft material! 
  • Fits true to size - I'm usually a XS/S for tops at most stores and 32-34 band size
  • Great color unlike the usual navy blue or blue/green colors
  • Love the v-neck look 
  • Love the 2 big front pockets - perfect for storing pens, pagers, stethoscope, and notes instead of wearing a white coat when on call

Women's dakar basic scrub pants - XS - regular - charcoal

  • Stretchy and cute v-cut out at the bottom of the pant legs to fit over sneakers
  • 2 front pockets, 2 back pockets - I usually clip my pager on the side of the pocket and it doesn't get into the way (usually)
  • Drawstring waistband that doesn't dig into my belly fat (hehe)
  • XS used to fit a little bit but I probably should have gone with a S for more comfort but either way, there's plenty of stretch!

Materials (based on the Casma top):

  • 72% Poly / 21% Rayon / 7% Spandex
  • Care Instructions: Wash cold inside-out, tumble dry low

Fun Fact: All their products are named after cities where they've donated scrubs! Casma is located in Peru.

After 10+ washes: 

  • There may be minimal shrinkage in the pants (I usually use medium heat/perm press when I wash my clothes and not cold...or inside out...oops). They fit a tad more snug around the waist than when I first got them, but that could also be because I went with XS over a S for the bottoms (or maybe I've had one too many cheat meals recently?)

BONUS: why I love this company so much. They give back to the community!

  • They are part of this Thread for Threads program, where for every pair of scrubs you buy, they donate a pair to a healthcare provider in need. How amazing is that? As someone who has grown up doing community service including being former President of Circle K Club (Kiwanis Family anyone?), I'm all for this. Clean scrubs have been shown to reduce infection rates by 66% and they have successfully donate to >28 countries!


Where do I buy them?!

If you're curious about them and want to try out a pair for yourself, I've got a discount code for you: use code "FIGSxIris" at checkout for 15% OFF your entire order.

  • 1 per customer per order
  • Expires 12/31/17
  • I get zero commission. Just sharing what I love, and FIGS was kind enough to offer an exclusive discount code from me to you :)

Try them out and let me know what you think!

Dr. Iris