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Healthcare Providers' 30 Day Challenge

So let's be real here, we all know Healthcare Providers are some of the worst patients. Because we know so much about what goes on in our bodies, we tend to self-diagnose and think that nothing is wrong until something goes wrong.

We are in a selfless profession which means we put our patients first, but oftentimes, we neglect to take care of ourselves in the process. I have seen this time and time again in many of my friends who are in healthcare whether you're a doctor, nurse, health aide, physician's assistant, NP, etc. it really doesn't matter.

The simple fact is we as healthcare providers are NOT practicing what we preach when it comes to taking care of ourselves and our bodies. How do you expect your patients to take care of themselves if you don't even do the same for your body?

I know, I know - you're saying "I don't have TIME for this!"

But I'm telling you, it’s NOT as difficult as you may think. And if I'm working 80+hours/week as a medical intern and able to get my workouts in daily while eating clean and healthy, you absolutely do NOT have an excuse.

Who is the program for?

·       Anyone in the Healthcare Field (doctors, nurses, PA, MA, NP, chiropractors, health aides, med students, nursing students, etc.)

·       Anyone who is tired of feeling tired while working 12 hour (or 24 hour ;) ) shifts!

·       Anyone who wants to get back into shape again

·       Anyone who is already in shape & just needs that accountability

·       Anyone who doesn’t have “time” but still wants results the healthy way

What will you get?

·       Access to a confidential group for support

·       Check-in daily with your workouts, nutrition, water intake, etc.

·       1:1 Coaching with me

·       Complete at-home workouts ONLY 30 min/day

·       Complete nutrition/meal plan

·       Recipes, healthy snack ideas, tips/tricks

·       Shakeology (dense superfood whole foods nutrition)

·       The results you've always wanted!

·       FUN with prizes, mini challenges, etc.

How do I start?

1)      Make sure I am your assigned coach by going to my site and creating an account:

2)      Fill out this application form for the Healthcare Providers' 30 Day Challenge Group:

3)      Share this with a friend/family member/co-worker in the Healthcare Field whom you think would like to commit with you! Trust me – everything is better with an accountability partner :)

The group STARTS Monday, April 3rd.
Deadline to register: March 30th at 8PM.

Can't wait to work with you,
Dr. Iris